The Exceptional Specimen Tree Database

Groundworks has mapped Florida…
Search for that one of a kind specimen tree from your easy chair!
Finding that special tree has never been easier.

XSMFlorida - A database containing thousands of Exceptional Specimen Trees presented by the professionals at Groundworks.

Out in the public domain there are thousands of mature, unique Specimen Trees that have had decades to mature. During the past 24 months Groundworks has been identifying, photographing and cataloging this vast pool of inventory creating a searchable database.

Our teams are out on the road daily adding to the database; we do not own the inventory on the site and in most cases, we will not have had contact with the owners before a client (you) expresses an interest. What we do know is where the tree is, we know that it is situated for a successful removal and we only catalog areas where it is reasonably likely that we can buy the tree. To date, our success rate exceeds 90%.


If you have a special look or piece in mind but can’t really describe or find it, sign in and have a look. The database is constantly expanding and you can search using various criteria. Once you find pieces that are ideal for your design, you click a link to notify us. We will contact you to discuss an estimate of the budget necessary to acquire your selection(s) and so long as the estimated budget fits your planning, we will approach the property owner, negotiate to buy the tree and then professionally prepare it and either load it on your contractors truck or transplant it to your site where we will warranty it for a period of 2 years.

Please email your questions to sales@XSMFlorida.com
or contact us at (800) 753 5127.